Selling Your Home? Here Are Some Tips

Even when the market is hot, you’ve got to make sure your listing stands out from competing homes. Pictures move the masses and if you’re not careful, they can move prospective buyers away from your listings online.

1) Home buyers love browsing photos on the internet. The more photos you have online the more time a prospect will spend viewing and connecting with your listing. Good quality photos can show off all the special features of your home.

2) When shooting outside, make sure the sun is behind you. The light will act as your own natural “studio light” brightening up the property.

3) Make your photos look cheerful; show off natural light inside by shooting on a sunny day.

4) If your home doesn’t have windows or natural light, bring your own “sunlight.” Investing in household lamps can go a long way toward producing better photos by brightening things up.

5) Show off the areas of your home that attract most home buyers – the bathrooms, closets, kitchen, outdoor living space, and any additional unique features such as hot tubs, special appliances, built-in entertainment centers, or a separate mother-in-law living space.

6) During your photo shoot, remove clutter. Move cars out of the driveway, clear off table and counter spaces, and clear out the corners of a room.

7) Pictures are worth a thousand words, but don’t forget to include special features in your written descriptions as well.